Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Let us remember that Muslims have suffered the most at the hands of extremism."

I read the transcript from Obamas speech to the UN yesterday. The most shocking thing about the speech is that it actually occurred. Obama actually took time away from being on the View and partying with Jayz to do something quasi important. Although I think the UN is a joke in its own right.

One line stood out"Let us remember that Muslims have suffered the most at the hands of extremism." I can't help but get the feeling that this man is trying to come up with ways of defending the people who attack us. He keeps blaming the video for instigating terrorist attacks. I don't care if I called their mamas fat, they can't kill our guys and get away with it. But they are. This video had less than 5000 on youtube views when the attacks began. I could upload a picture of my garage door on youtube and get more hits than that. The attacked on our men happened on the anniversary of 9-11. That video had been up for months before the attacks occurred. Clearly this wasn't a spur of the moment protest gone bad.

There our president is. Making excuses and apologizing. Taking out tv ad time in Pakistan apologizing. Where is your spine? He trusts the Muslim brotherhood more than his own people. At one embassy the Marines and guards weren't allowed to carry live ammo. He will trust a radical Islamic group to protect people they don't care about but won't trust Americans with guns. This man has something up his sleeve and I don't trust him, Hillary, or the UN.

Back to the quote on hand. A man whos country (if you believe he was born here) was attacked multiple times by extremists, a man who seriously has to have heard about the holocaust, has to know that only in Israel are Christians allowed to practice their religious right, has the audacity to say that Muslims have been hurt the most by Muslims? How can he even say that with a straight face? Why does he continue to make excuses for these people who will kill you and themselves in the name of their false god. I'm not religious at all but I know any religion worth a damn is built on love and peace. Not vengeance and war. This isn't the middle ages. These people need to be held accountable for their actions. Not protected and given a free ride.

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  1. Empathy in itself can too become extreme. To be humane at one point and time meant simply to be benevolent toward a subjective group outside of the self. If apologizes and significant strides to what? Make 'peace' with renowned American enemies causes waves within its people, then why can't the big guy at the Oval Office foresee that? While your opinions are merely opinions in the face of what has already been done/ said, I too believe the big guy+friends have something up their sleeve. Its the secrets that baffle us the most. There are incongruent lapses in action. Information is locked in the lips of those who do not want to sink any ulterior-motive ships.