Thursday, September 20, 2012


"You can't change Washington from the inside" That's what Obama said today on Univision. A very strange and probably true statement. Not a big deal until you read the rest of his comments. He said he had to get things done on the outside. Such as Obama care. That comment makes me a little uncomfortable. He has shown the knack of wanting to do things on his own but doing them outside the two other branches of government? That is something a dictator or someone the likes if Putin does. Uses his power and executive privilege to do things outside the law. He may feel strongly about his positions but there are rules and regulations in place in this country to prevent 1 man from having too much power. Once one person shows how its done, what is to stop the next person from doing the same? The only way it stops is for the public to not allow it. Which is highly unlikely with the mainstream media in Obama's lap. The people aren't shown everything that is going on. Its up to us to dig and find the info, its not hard to find, and it is even easier to interpret. The real news is out there. We must not be afraid of what we find. It is our duty to question the government, for people in power are only in need of more power. Question authority.

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