Sunday, October 21, 2012

Epic Rap Battles of History

Time to shine a little humor on this presidential Race. This is a pretty good epic rap battle with a little twist thrown it. You will enjoy it.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Its time to take a little break from the politics and negativity. This month is Breast Cancer Awareness month and my T-Shirt company, Brazen Tees, has created a few pro gun, pro breast, shirts to try and raise money. All profits are being donated to charity. Please check us out and help this great cause.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Age of entitlement.

Its frustrating being part of a generation who feels they are entitled to anything and everything. I walk around my college campus and I see posters and signs for socialists parties. Signs stating that "capitalism has failed, time for real change."
I see young people my age with a sense of entitlement they didn't earn. They believe that everything is owed to them and they shouldn't have to work to achieve their goals. School should be paid for, they should be handed jobs, money should be stripped from the wealthy and distributed to the poor. When was the shifting point? When did the American dream go from working hard to achieve anything and becoming wealthy to; be lazy, protest and occupy, whine and cry, and take what you feel you deserve without earning it.

I'm ashamed to be a part of this generation. America used to be a nation that promoted hard work and sacrifice, in return for wealth and prosperity. Now it promotes laziness and entitlement. Where the rich guys are the bad guys. Maybe its the parents fault. Maybe its the media. Whatever it is its only going to get worse. Entitled kids will grow and raise their kids to be entitled. The slippery slope to the end of the American dream.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Obama-Romney Debate: Hopeful talking points.

Tonight marks the first debate between Obama and Romney. I think everyone should take time and watch at least part of it. Not for the content of the debate, because i can guarantee you that both sides already have an amazing collection of pre-approved and well memorized responses. We should watch the reactions of each candidate, their speaking style, and how much seems scripted. We all know that Obama very rarely speaks from the hip. He goes nowhere without his teleprompters. Most of a persons character and true beliefs come from those little moments where the words seem from the heart.

The Democratic party has been busy trying to downplay this debate. Stating that Romney has been practicing quite a bit while The president has been busy with "Presidential Duties," such as Golf, Parties with Jay-z, trips to Vegas, and apologizing to the Islamic extremest for hurting their feelings.  Well the earlier part has been said, the later may be a little of my own thoughts.

With that said, Both candidates should be well prepared. If they aren't, they are in the wrong business. The president of the United States has been in office for almost 4 years now. If he isn't prepared to defend his own choices he may have a problem. Romney will come out swinging and the President should have no problem defending his policies seeing as he was the one who created them.

Here are some key talking points i hope come up, (but probably wont)
     1. Who is more in touch with the "poor man" - Romney is being lambasted for being out of touch and too rich. While Obama just bought a $40,000,000 estate in Hawaii. I'm interested to see who comes off as more "poor."

     2. Lockheed Martin layoffs - With the coming automatic defense spending cuts, The defense contractor Lockheed Martin is forced to lay off almost 200,000 people in the United States. Under federal law they must inform the employees ahead of time. Yesterday the President told Lockheed to hold off on the layoff notices. Breaking federal law. He told them to hold off until January. After the elections. Why you might ask? Because, if there are 200,000 layoffs right before an election, that doesn't bode well for the Incumbent.

     3. Fast and Furious. While i know very little of this will actually be talked about. In my heart of hearts i hope that this completely takes over the entire debate. The fact that the DOJ/ATF under Obama and Eric Holder openly sold guns to Mexican drug cartels to try to create new gun control laws here in America absolutely enrages me. Those same guns have been found in the hands of Captured drug cartel leaders, and have been used to kill our boarder patrol agents.

    4. Last but not least, Gun Control. Both of these candidates are say one thing-do the other, type of people on gun control issues. The spokesman for the white house, Jay Carney, has said on multiple occasions that the President supports reinstating the failed Clinton era "Assault Weapons Ban." While Romney has taken the stance of his party, saying he wants no new gun control, including the failed Clinton ban. Although he says that now. While he was the Governor of Massachusetts, he signed into law an Assault Weapons ban. So, as you can see, I don't trust either one of these men. But it does help that the GOP party specifically said they will not reinstate the ban, and the Democratic party said they will. That makes my vote pretty easy to make.

The last piece of advise i can give is this; Make up your own mind. Do your own research. Think for yourself and vote on the policies that matter most to YOU, while remembering we have a Constitution to uphold and protect. Don't watch the after reports, The news is extremely biased towards Obama. No matter what he says, MSNBC will think he is the second coming of Jesus. The same can be said about Romney and FOX.