Saturday, October 20, 2012

Age of entitlement.

Its frustrating being part of a generation who feels they are entitled to anything and everything. I walk around my college campus and I see posters and signs for socialists parties. Signs stating that "capitalism has failed, time for real change."
I see young people my age with a sense of entitlement they didn't earn. They believe that everything is owed to them and they shouldn't have to work to achieve their goals. School should be paid for, they should be handed jobs, money should be stripped from the wealthy and distributed to the poor. When was the shifting point? When did the American dream go from working hard to achieve anything and becoming wealthy to; be lazy, protest and occupy, whine and cry, and take what you feel you deserve without earning it.

I'm ashamed to be a part of this generation. America used to be a nation that promoted hard work and sacrifice, in return for wealth and prosperity. Now it promotes laziness and entitlement. Where the rich guys are the bad guys. Maybe its the parents fault. Maybe its the media. Whatever it is its only going to get worse. Entitled kids will grow and raise their kids to be entitled. The slippery slope to the end of the American dream.

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