Friday, September 21, 2012

Department of Justice; or so you think.

The department of justice has many faults that are too in depth to go into here. Ill be talking about the Fast and Furious operation shortly. Today news comes that Eric Holder has another henchman to run along side him and take the freedoms away from America. The number 3 spot at the DOJ was up for grabs. It needed a great lawyer to step in and deliver, justice, as their name implies. The number 3 spot is in charge of the administrations policy regarding terrorists detainees. The man Mr. Obama has appointed to that spot is Tony West. He is a prominent defense lawyer who made his fame defending John Walker Lindh. A man who calls himself an American Terrorist and who is currently in jail for working with al Qaeda.

So looking at the big picture here. We have a president that just appointed a traitor into a major office seat at the Department of Justice. Where is the Justice in that?

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