Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rant number 1: Mayor Bloomberg

This is my first blog. I currently have no followers so this will be more of a journal entry than a publication. Today, news came out that response times in New York for police have slowed to over 8 min. The slowest time in the Bloomberg era. Great news for the unfortunate soles that have to live under his tyranny. (see: soda debate, illegal stop and frisk, gun control, police go on strike) I mean great news very honestly. Its great in the sense that his illegal attempts to change the laws allowing him to rule longer than laws allow might be for not. For why would people want such an inept, out of touch leader? His views on just about everything pertaining to leading are insane. First he says cops should strike until the population gives up their second amendment rights, then response time is 8 mins. You know what they say, "when seconds matter, police are only minutes away." A 1911 is much quicker and more reliable that 911. Until police prove they can protect me, aka PREVENT crimes, not SOLVE them, I will continue to be a second amendment advocate. For Mr. Bloomberg is the reason we own guns. To prevent the tyranny of government.

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