Saturday, September 29, 2012

"Non toxic bullets"

"Non toxic bullets" has to be the most entertaining group of words I've ever laid my eyes upon. It doesn't even require any explanation to prove the stupidity behind that line.

Starting at the beginning. A few months after the electron in 08 the Environmental Protection Agency took on lead ammunition. Saying it poisons the wildlife and they tried to outlaw it. Forcing us to choose "non toxic" alternatives. Even though its been proven that the lead used in creating ammunition is not the same as the lead found in paint, and there is no scientific evidence to show that it has hurt anything other than what the bullet actually hits.

The real goal here is what is known as "back door gun control." If you can't eliminate guns, eliminate the ammo. This would do nothing more than creating massive shortages. The prices would sky rocket. Lead is cheap and perfect for making bullets. It expands when it hits targets and stops. Helping prevent over penetration, keeping rounds from hurting things that weren't intended to be hurt. An example is a round made with a steel core. Preventing "mushrooming." This round does not expand and will not slow down. Creating what we know as "armor piercing" rounds. Which you can't get in California.

What this really would mean is a massive loss of jobs. There are only a few things still made in America. Cars, guns and related accessories. By outlawing lead ammunition we would lose thousands of jobs instantly in the ammunition business. Then eventually hundreds of thousands in the gun making and gun accessories business. At a time when the economy is only getting worse we shouldn't be trying to eliminate the only sector of the economy that is actually growing.

Hopefully the Sportsmans act will prevent this from being a problem.

Thank you Senator John Tester from Montana. A democrat trying to help us gun owners. Surprising.

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